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The International Cultural Heritage Fair in Paris – 2022 edition – from October 27 to 30

SIPC 2022

Sustainable development is part of heritage's DNA

This year, a common thread for all the different actors involved in heritage preservation will be highlighted: the issues of sustainable development.
Artistic Crafts are by nature an inspiring model for meeting the challenges of sustainable development […] and mechanical watches are of the most durable watches as they are passed down from one generation to another, witnessing the passing of time of our ancestors. […]
XRby is the pooling and sharing of values attached to the arts of craftsmanship and watchmaking mechanics, all of which converge towards sustainability, tradition and transmission.
Photos by @alex_gallosi

Salon IMMERSION/S, Paris – 2022 edition, from October 14 to 17

Salon Immersion/s

Unique designer pieces

This new fair dedicated to unique designer pieces offers an immersive experience around numerous works by independent designers and artisans, all beautifully orchestrated by the Excellsens art gallery and FAFCEA.

The title is thought-provoking: Immersion/s – a term which, in its current acceptation, consists of finding oneself in a different environment, without direct contact with one’s original environment.

It is therefore rather well chosen to encourage the public to regain a foothold in a world where everything moves too fast, where consumption has become a religion and where we have lost the sense of value, of the durability of things and of the time it takes to accomplish them.

Photos by Xavier Rousset

Four Seasons Hotel, Geneva – August 17, 2022

The Suite II

Art, fashion & luxury pop-up


💥 ITS OFFICIAL – THE SUITE is back in Geneva for a night only luxury pop-up on Wednesday 17 August 2022 💎💫

In collaboration with Dubai-based @theamanqiconsultancy, we are once more bringing together the most sophisticated Swiss and Middle Eastern talents from the worlds of fine jewellery, watches, fashion and art — and sharing their story ✨

On the programme? Immerse yourself in centuries of tradition, creativity and fresh ideas while discovering a curated selection of works from 14 luxury brands — cocktails and live music to be enjoyed 🥂

Photos by @jeremyspierer


Written press

Europa Star – October 2022 edition

GALLERY: emerging brands

XRby Rose Saneuil, Le Quetzal

From the start of his watchmaking venture, it was Xavier Rousset’s intention to work in collaboration with métiers d’art craftsmen and women. […]

To this date, XRby has created three watches in partnership with top notch-artisans, all of whom so far have chosen to represent intricately worked natural themes (a miniature watercolour painting of a stone pine, a marquetry quetzal, macaws painted in miniature on grand feu enamel).

EUROPA STAR, worldwide watchmaking magazine since 1927 – gallery « emerging brands »

XRby dans l'Orologio Magazine

L’Orologio Magazine – June 2022 edition

Microbrand: XRby

Opere d'arte da polso

« Con i suoi pezzi unici realizzati a mano da veri artisti e l’uso di materiali preziosi, il marchio XRby punta direttamente all’alto di gamma. »

With its unique pieces handmade by genuine artists and the use of precious materials, XRby sets itself as a high-end brand.

L’Orologio Magazine is the most influential and dynamic watch magazine in Italy – editorial « Microbrand » by Francesco Patti

Europa Star – June 2022 edition

GALLERY: Spectacular watchmaking

XRby Gabriel Colliard

XRby […] is dedicated to promoting traditional craftsmanship by offering “canvases” for different artists to express themselves. For the third collection, the brand has offered its case to a Swiss enameller of Argentinian origin, Gabriel Colliard

Over the last ten years, this enameller has collaborated with the greatest brands […] deepening his mastery of grand feu miniature enamel painting, cloisonné enamel, painted enamel, champlevé enamel and paillonné enamel.

EUROPA STAR, worldwide watchmaking magazine since 1927 – gallery « Spectacular watchmaking »

InfluenceS – June 2022 edition

2022 Luxury & creation talents

Originality talent: the nominees

To distinguish oneself without displeasing, to surprise, and to open spaces to new behaviors, to be forerunner, or to renew with lost past… Originality can take multiple shapes, which the talent that presides over its existence is pleased to renew with delight and flair.

The major originality of these almost unique pieces: the dial hosts a real work of art […], a marvel of finesse realized in high-voltige multi-material marquetry.

InfluenceS, specialized press – writing: Patrice Bouillot, Monique Gosselin, and Dominique Lasserre

L’EXPRESS – 16/06/22 edition


Material artists

“The movement of a watch cannot live independently of the dial, it is where time is being expressed.” recalls XRby founder Xavier Rousset.

The brand positions itself as a tribute to exceptional crafts and dials. Each watch is the result of a co-creation between Xavier Rousset, who provides the dial base, and an artisan/artist who expresses his creativity on it. […]

“Younger generations need to realize that not everything can be done digitally,” says Rousset. “Through a form of hand intelligence, our mission is to highlight these unique skills.”

L’EXPRESS, French weekly magazine – article by Carine Loeillet

XRby dans l'Essentiel magazine

L’Essentiel – June 2022 edition

Fine craftsmanship

The Art(ists) Watch

XRby is a watch brand that showcases the know-how of fine craftspeople in the watch industry.

It is the first watch brand to give artists “carte blanche”, so that they remain masters of their work and realize a genuine masterpiece on the dial.

What we want is to give these craftspeople some space to express their unique artistic sensibility through their know-how.”

Each collaboration is a human adventure leading to the production of a Made-in-Jura-Mountains Art Watch.

L’Essentiel is an “art de vivre” magazine issued in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region – by Alain Pralon – Press Release – May 2022

Press Release - Craftsmanship:

Introducing the XRby Gabriel Colliard

In 2020, Xavier Rousset launched the XRby concept […] Through a series of encounters, the dial of XRby watches becomes a “business card” for the artist that designs and realises it. The third collection was born from an encounter with Geneva enamel artist Gabriel Colliard, whose creativity and dexterity have impressed Xavier Rousset. – P.R. : Introducing the XRby Gabriel Colliard

logo XRby


"19/20" TV News - June 18 - France 3 BFC

The French capital of watchmaking asserts itself

The French capital of watchmaking asserts itself

France 3 – 19/20 local edition – report by Catherine Shulbaum, and Phillipe Arbez


Written press

L’Est Républicain – 30/06/21 edition


Turning a watch into a minature art gallery

The mechanical movement and the miniature marquetry both share the same excellence in the accuracy of the gesture. Precision pushed to the extreme.

A fine application of a demanding and impeccable technique, whose delicate layers are difficult for the naked eye to perceive.

L’Est Républicain, local daily magazine – article by Eric Barbier

The Daily Telegraph – 12/06/21 edition

The material difference

Miniature works of art

To create a seamless design takes considerable skill – cutting the minuscule pieces of a pictorial jigsaw and inlaying each one meticulously into the micro-dimensions of a watch face. […]

Artist Rose Saneuil, who works with wood, straw, leather and even beetle wing, has created the first marquetry dial of a brilliantly coloured quetzal bird of paradise for new made-to-order brand XRby.

The Daily Telegraph, London press – an article highlighting fine crafts in watchmaking

Cœur de Comtois – June-August 2021 edition

n°2 : MERCI vauban !

An art gallery on the wrist!

In a media universe now subservient to the digital world, Coeur de Comtois is faithful to beautiful pages on glossy paper. 

Wanting to honour where we come from, our traditions and our know-how does not prevent us from listening to this world in motion. In this article, journalist Geoffroy Morhain highlights with brio the values of the XRby Art watch concept.

Cœur de Comtois, quarterly magazine about travels, heritage and art-de-vivre – portrait by Geoffroy Morhain

Le Progrès – 07/03/2021 edition

Jura region

His watches are an art gallery

There is no shortage of innovations in the watchmaking world. After working for some of the major Swiss maisons, this former executive came up with a concept of his own: the Art Watch.

“Our wrist has become a territory to conquer. Some carry a smart object, others use it as a social marker. I thought, why not make it an art receptacle?”

His approach thus consists in exposing the work of fine crafts artists on a watch dial.

“They imagine and realise a masterpiece on the dial, of which the movement is the pedestal.”

Le Progrès, local press – article by S.G.


Written press

The New York Times – 06/11/20 edition


For craft specialists, the futur is murky

In this NYT’s article titled For craft specialists, the futur is murky, Nazanin Lankarani cites the XRby brand as an opportunity to develop a new way of thinking the customer-artist relationship.

The New York Times, NY daily internationaly distributed – article by Nazanin Lankarani

La Presse Bisontine – 27/10/20 edition


Xavier Rousset is enhancing fine craftmanship

Pursuing a training in engineering at the E.N.S.M.M. allowed XRby founder Xavier Rousset to mature a project he had been carrying for about ten years: creating a watch brand, with a completely original approach.

“The originality of my project is that it is designed to highlight the work of the person behind the dial’s art work. What I’m interested in is the watch as an art object, and beyond that, enhancing the artist or craftsperson who designs the pieces. That’s why I designed a watch-case that highlights the dial”, he explains.

La Presse Bisontine, monthly local magazine – article by Jean François Hauser

The ENS2M Engineers’ Association aims to enable engineers to stay in touch, exchange ideas and knowledge, and build a caring and friendly community.

ENSMM’s chronosphere directory – 2020 edition

FOCUS : XRby The Art Watch

Xavier Rousset

Driven by a desire to master a subject that fascinated him, and by the curiosity to understand what happens “behind the scenes” of fine craftsmanship, [Xavier Rousset] decided at the age of 45 to start a course in micromechanics at the ENSMM, “to have a better understanding of the design and engineering of a watch, of how a movement, or an escapement works.”

Getting his engineering degree was the passport to a new journey dedicated to a project that had long been in his heart and mind: creating his own watch brand. As a perfectionist who likes to go all the way, his approach was bound to be both different and original.

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