Est Républicain of Wednesday 30 June 2021

L’Est républicain is a French regional daily newspaper founded on May 5, 1889 by Léon Goulette in Nancy. It is mainly distributed in Lorraine and Franche-Comté through ten local editions. In 2018, it is purchased by an average of 114,212 people per day, which ranks it twelfth in the French regional daily press.

A very well written article by Eric Barbier, and accurately describing the XRby concept.

Online version of the article, ici.

Daily telegraph of June 12, 2021

The London press quotes the XRby brand in an article highlighting the crafts.

Coeur de Comtois N°2 Thank you Vauban ! from June/August 2021

A quarterly inciting to travel, to heritage and to the art of living. In a media universe now devoted to digital technology, Coeur de Comtois wants to be faithful to the beautiful pages on glossy paper. Honoring its origins, its traditions and its know-how does not prevent us from being attentive to this world in movement. Geoffroy Morhain’s pen highlights the values of the XRby La Montre d’Art concept.

Online version of the article, ici.

chronosphere 2021 Directory – ENS2M Engineers

XRby is a community of engineers who want to stay in touch, exchange ideas and knowledge, and build a supportive and friendly community. An article introducing the XRby concept is published in this directory.

Online version of the article , ici.

The Progress of March 7, 2021

Le Progrès is a French regional newspaper, with its headquarters in Lyon. It is distributed in the Rhône, Ain, Nord-Isère, Loire, Haute-Loire and Jura.

Online version of the article , ici. , ici.

The New York Times, November 6, 2020

On the back page of the New York Times, in the “Craftsmanship” section, the article “For craft specialists, the future is murky”, Nazanin Lankarani cites the XRby brand as an opportunity to develop the artist client relationship differently.

Online version of the article , ici.

The Bisontine press of October 27, 2020

Xavier Rousset sublimates the artisanal know-how”, Jean François Hauser tells with brio, the story of the founder and the birth of the brand XRby.

Online version, ici.