Life is a story of encounters and emotions. I was immediately seduced by Rose's passion for materials. XRby Watch, the brand's creator, proposes a collaboration where the watch becomes a work of art worn on the wrist.

XRby Rose Saneuil, Collection les oiseaux, le Quetzal

XRby La montre d’art, concept imaginé et créé par Xavier Rousset
Œuvre d’art : cadran en marqueterie miniature multi-matières, création Rose Saneuil

Boîte de montre: Saphir
Mouvement : automatique à micro rotor manufacturé en Suisse
Série limitée : 7 montres numérotées
Matière : Titane grade 5 & Saphir
Diamètre : 40 mm
Hauteur : 11,60 mm
Carrure : glassbox 100% saphir
Fond : transparent avec glace saphir
Etanchéité : 5 ATM / 50 m
Calibre : ASE 200.00, swiss movement
Mouvement : automatique à micro rotor
Diamètre : 30.40 mm
Réserve de marche : 72h
Fréquence : 3 Hz (21 600 alt/h)
Indication : heures et minutes
Aiguilles : polie rhodié
Bracelet : aligator vert
Boucle : boucle déployante 

Matière : or gris
Diamètre : 34,20 mm
Hauteur : 0,80 mm
Marqueterie miniature multi-matières, création Rose Saneuil
17 matières, 214 éléments
Matières : nacre blanche, loupe de mythe, sycomore jaune, paille vert d’eau, parchemin vert, sycomore vert amande, charme vert amande, sycomore ondée vert, elytre de scarabée verte, charme vert sapin , paille vert menthe à l’eau, tulipier vert avocat, paille vert kaki, cuir veau vert mine, poirier noir, loupe de myrte blanche, paille jaune

Photographie © Eric Valdenaire 2021, tous droits réservés



Collection : The birds

Dimensions : Ø 41mm

Materials : Speckled maple, myrtle burr, sycamore, hornbeam, tulip tree, straw, parchment, beetle elytra, leather (calf)

Marquetry reinvented

“To master the technique is to free oneself; to reinvent the tradition is to participate in its conservation; to exceed its limits is a step towards creation.”

Rose Saneuil’s art is above all a story of passion, conviction and a visceral attachment to the art of transforming matter into imagination.
Very early on, Rose Saneuil chose marquetry and cabinet making, which she learned at the Ecole Boulle. She perfected her knowledge in a cabinet making company, creating and shaping prototypes of cigar, watch and jewelry boxes for major luxury brands.

Création L’oiseau bleu


Rose Saneuil has developed her own technique – multi-material marquetry – which she uses on miniature pieces or large-scale paintings.
Sycamore, plane tree mesh, burr walnut, bone, straw, mother of pearl, leather, amaranth, zinc, shagreen, parchment, brass, gold leaf, eggshell, mica, beetle elytra (…) the materials meet and harmonize through Rose’s creative gesture.

Coffret Renoncules


Everything starts from a drawing which is materialized by a meticulous selection of materials whose arrangement is similar to a rebus, where each word finds its meaning only by the coherence of the sentence written by Rose.

A very singular alchemy which is discovered with the wire of the glance like a hilly landscape which it is necessary day after day to tame.

Création Reflets


Rose Saneuil’s art is luminous and the colors shine in her creations; treated in successive touches of materials, the shadow and the light accompany the narration. Revealed by the drawing, figurative or abstract, the palette is infinite and the discovery of materials a permanent surprise.



Unique works or ultra-limited series, these exceptional pieces have contributed to the fame of her know-how and her creations, which she also deploys for pure pleasure on rare paintings, giving free rein to her personal imagination, linked to the magic of nature and its light reflections.

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